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e-Education Trust methods of successful  management of higher education resources were developed over several years. Those results have been shown to empower institutions partnered and/or affiliated with the founder of the e-Trust, Global Academy Online, Inc., to aggressively manage and acquire human capital through point-specific aggressive marketing and screening. Our techniques embodied in the MODEL assure increased student quality and performance while also enhancing the growth of the organization within specific and well defined financial and marketing parameters.

The MODEL is an ongoing, uniquely aggressive, higher education management survival tool for difficult times and the extremes of competitiveness from better funded and more financially deep-pocket academic competitors.

  • The MODEL levels the playing field for quality students.
  • The MODEL is an economic growth tool.
  • The MODEL frees administrators to do what they do best.
  • The MODEL permits aggressive screening and admissions of new students.
  • The MODEL develops obtainable quality and performance metrics.
  • The MODEL obviates economic cycles.
  • The MODEL permits planning for expansion over a manageable path.

  • To offset competition targeted at your institution's market share
  • To provide lasting and enduring strategies crucial to continuous success 
  • To increase growth through renewable stimulation in any environment 

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