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The e-Education Trust has provided the credentialing and assessment services for each of CEFE's certificate programs and non-profit schools and certification programs to assure they meet the highest standards of professionalism and acceptability in the worldwide market.

CEFE, The Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise is a 12 year old cyber-based non-profit research arm of Global Academy Online,Inc.,the Academy). It is the home of the Applied Ethics Institute and its Certification in Applied Ethics as well as the home of the first totally online certificate program in the American Method of Entrepreneurship and sponsors The Entrepreneurian Society through its School of Entrepreneurship. It provides management and support services for the DiUlus Institute,  the world's first tuition free university and works to help coordinate the efforts of the Billion Dollar Project, an outreach program that has been 30 years in development to help eliminate ignorance and promote the advancement of knowledge worldwide. 

CEFE conducts ongoing webinars for youth in applied ethics, sponsors surveys in ethics that track the latest ethical trends among students and the public, publishes ethics and investment BLOGS along with an eJournal focusing on Economic Freedom and Ethics, and publishes in hundreds of articles on ethics and entrepreneurship annually.

CEFE offers sixty-two (62) CEFE Fellowships to directly impact and affect the development and training of Character education and Entrepreneurship in communities around the globe and for the elimination of ignorance through the Billion Dollar Project.

As a center for training applied ethics specialists and entrepreneurs around the world interested in economic development and nation building, CEFE has become a major international purveyors for the promotion and development of ethics and entrepreneurship in communities throughout Asia, Africa,  Europe, and North and South America.