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Global Academy Online, Inc., an international online university builder that is the premier provider of online curriculum and instruction.

Powered by Global (PBG)  An international learner and course management provider using the MOODLE platform system and patent pending Paradigm Technology Protocol to make it available and uniquely private to adopting institutions. A division of Global Academy Online, Inc. that also provides educators a free development platform to learn and deliver online education.

UpMarketing: Promotion marketing and Public Relations experts, editors of articles by academics and providers of online marketing entrepreneurial tools to promote and assist in the development of education organizations.

CEFE, The Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise: A 12 year old cyber based  non-profit foundation, the first totally online think-tank specializing in applied ethics and entrepreneurial information, education and training. A division of Global Academy Online, Inc.

Applied Ethics Institute:  Offers the original and first online certification program in applied ethics and professional membership affiliation for practitioners and students. A non profit membership organization managed by the Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise.

 The DiUlus School of Entrepreneurship: A pragmatic online school and the first online Entrepreneurship school managed by the Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise. A school specializing in American entrepreneurial philosophy heavily with concentration on ethical entrepreneurship development. 

The DiUlus Institute The worlds first tuition free online university and incubator for  innovative curriculum and instruction. Restricted access and exclusive to DiUlus Scholars. One of three non-profit education providers managed by the Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise.