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Are the late Peter Drucker's ominous predictions about traditional higher education true? 

Drucker, the "father" of Modern Management said 'brick and mortar' institutions are headed down the road to self destruction. He noted that unless they are willing to undergo radical change, they will be obsolete in a generation, or totally extinct.  

 Whether or not this actually happens will not  alter the fact that online education has already overtaken the classroom as the most preferred education method among college students, both young and old, today. It's a 40 Billion dollar  industry.                                                                                              

Not since the introduction of the blackboard in the middle ages has there been such a forced evolution in higher education. WEB 2.0 is changing the face of how we educate and those in the know realize the first technology platforms delivering online education are already headed for the trash heap as online course development and delivery becomes easier and more exciting every day. 

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