Productive Enrollment Management

To evolve collegiate enrollment management for tomorrow's innovative higher education organizations to the next level, it takes the e-Education Trust's to formulate the complex mix of services the e-Education Trust offers. These services are exclusive to colleges, universities and eLearning organizations.

In today's academically competive environment, an organization must at once maintain stability, and some would offer, "the status quo" while being vigilant of the opportunities that are brought about by rapid and pro-active "organization change".

The e-Education Trust recognizes there is a fine line between ongoing success in good times and bad; one not successfully walked by very many organizations anywhere in the world. The primary reason for this internal breakdown is a lingering "resistance to change". This is often thrown up by opponents of "change", any change whether adopting new academic direction or expanding to include new ways of providing higher education. Change itself, however, is inevitable. Whether CHANGE is promulgated by founding organizers, entrepreneurs, or an institution's "control group" the economic and financial environments demand it whether the institution is ready or not. Regardless, CHANGE will occur. 

The Essense of CHANGE

  • Ongoing institutional management CHANGE to stay current and relevant
  • Management strategic CHANGE to stimulate student growth and quality
  • Long term management CHANGE to sustain outstanding academic results