Growing a Student Population

The e-Trust has created a proprietary management program referred to as THE MODEL.

It promotes growth and financial stability among colleges and universities of all types and in particular the growth of an institutions online student base beyond its traditional student market. This service is particularly useful to those institutions seeking to expand their student market share beyond their historic boundaries and reach into to the world market to improve their diversity and global reach. Take a look at how it works.

Specialized areas of concentration are easily designed into the MODEL. It may for example depend entirely on a particular academic area of concentration or specialized field of expansion or a whole series of advanced program design new to the institution desired by the school.

The Competitive Edge

The eTrust MODEL is designed to strongly improve the competitiveness of schools. To a large degree it permits an adopting school not only to survive but prosper as well. In today's economic uncertainty, survival and growth are paramount. The goal is to point student growth potential to equal and then exceed the potential of virtually all other competitors seeking similar results from similar student target markets.

The MODEL is an inexpensive hands-on distant management application that combines internal verification processes with outsourced marketing and financial management.